Internal Communications

Boost productivity by automating the way you communicate with your team.

  • Receive an SMS every time your employees are late to clock-in for the day.
  • Send reminders to your employees to clock-in if they haven't done it and started working already.
  • Receive reminders when tasks are assigned to you & are close to the due date.
  • Set a custom auto-message when you are out of the office for your employees to receive if they try to contact you.
  • Receive notifications via SMS or in your team communications app when your employees request time-off or vacation leave.
  • Send custom messages to your employees every morning with the list of daily tasks they need to complete.
  • Connect your project calendar with your email system to send custom messages & SMS when new events are added.
  • Receive reminders for tasks that happen every certain amount of time.
  • Be notified instantly via SMS or in your team communication app every time someone applied for a job opening on your website.
  • Receive notifications when one of your apps is experiencing errors that might affect your business.

Data Collection & Organization

Automate simple tasks to keep your files and information organized.

  • Send all new customer contact information to your project manager app.
  • Connect your newsletter to your database every time there's a new subscriber.
  • Create contact cards when you collect information from your customers and add custom tags.
  • Automatically categorize new contacts when they meet certain criteria.
  • Create new folders in your Business Dropbox with the new contacts name.
  • Automatically archive and save files to a previous contact's folder when a new order is submitted.
  • Create a downable PDF for invoices and automatically save them under the customer's dropbox folder.
  • Create online PDFs and automatically attach them to auto emails to send to outsourcing companies or partners.
  • Connect different apps at the same time with common information collected from your customers.
  • Collect new information from a customer and storage it under certain categories when keywords are mention in a text block.


Manage orders, shipping, invoices and anything related to your online sales and save valuable time and money.

  • Receive SMS and/or notify your team when a new order comes thru your E-Commerce page.
  • Send new e-commerce orders to your project manager app or service.
  • Receive instant communications (SMS or internal messages) when a new order is submitted without payment.
  • Be notified when a new payment comes thru any online store (Facebook, WooCommerce, Shopify, Etc.).
  • Instantly separate orders that need shipping versus orders that are local pickups and create custom steps for each option.
  • Automatically update the status of an online order when you complete it.
  • Text shipping tracking number to customers when a new label is created in your shipping manager app & update their contact card and online order with the tracking number.
  • Receive daily summaries at a specific time with online sales reports & statistics.
  • Instantly update online sheets with all the e-commerce orders and their status.
  • Trigger multiple actions at the same time when single orders come thru your online store.

Marketing & Advertising

Improve your relationship with customers & online campaign results by creating simple marketing & advertising automations.

  • Create surveys for your customers after they have picked up their orders to evaluate your product.
  • Create custom coupons for your customers & automatically text/email them.
  • Create leads on your social media accounts to trigger communication actions with your customers.
  • Automatically send newsletters when new products are added to your online store.
  • Automatically contact your customers via SMS/Email every certain amount of time to check-in on their needs about your product/service.
  • Get instant updates on Google AdWords campaigns and track results and statistics.
  • Create databases in multiple apps with the information collected from your social media events and marketing campaigns.
  • Automatically update your social media calendar status every time there's a new post sent from your social media manager app.
  • Track results from your SMS campaigns and instantly collect database information to storage in project manager apps.
  • Manage & create your own custom campaign statistics by subtracting important information from campaigns.

Customer Communications

Improve your customer service quality by automating your communication with clients.

  • Send custom confirmation messages via SMS/Email when an order has been placed.
  • Send instant messages when customers text your company's number with specific keywords, ex.: “What's the status of my order?”
  • When managing groups of clients of the same category, send mass custom messages.
  • Set chatbots on your social media and/or website to auto-reply to your customers when they contact your company.
  • Set reminders for your team when a customer hasn't received a reply after a certain amount of time.
  • Create quote forms for your customers when they want pricing and send the information to a project management app.
  • When a quote has been sent, manage check-in auto-reminders to send to your customers.
  • Automatically create custom quotes to send to customers without your team worrying about it.
  • Send auto text replies to miss calls from customers to let them know you'll contact them ASAP.
  • Create tasks for your team and employees to return calls or reply back to your customers.